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Knobs. They're like buttons for your furniture. The great thing about them? They're an affordable way to personalize a piece of furniture in your home. The armoire I use to house my tv and dvd's was in my room as a little girl and when I decided to use it for my apartment, I gave it a coat of paint along with new knobs. Now, when I search for furniture, I can't help but picture the different ways I can update it with new pulls. My favorite place to search for knobs is Anthropologie. Here are some of my favorites. 


Racing Stripes Knob, Small Racing Stripes Toggle  Racing Stripes Knob


Molten Spectrum Knob, Cool Swirls Molten Spectrum Knob, Orange Flower Molten Spectrum Knob, Warm Speckles


Ripe Melon Pull Dotted Zinnia Knob Edwardian Knob, Grey


Bequest Knob Riveted Bone Knob Freeform Elegance Knob


Cabinet Carat Knob Prism Knob Gemstone Knob


Mercury Glass Melon Knob Lace-Strewn Knob Luggage Pull, Rectangle

Have you ever switched knobs on your furniture? Which one of these do you like?


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  1. I just recently switched the knobs on my grandmother's antique dresser for the ceramic knobs. I bought them on sale at Hobby Lobby for .67 each. I could only find 5 of the same and needed 6, so I brought different patterns. It gives it a vintage look and I love it! I also change the knob on my bathroom door before the dresser with one I purchased at Anthropology without a doubt.