Target cap (from the boys' department. Similar here), Madewell jeans, Forever 21 tank, J.Crew blazer, Zara heels, Madewell bracelet + ring, vintage watch, Nosilla vintage aviators, Revlon "Really Red" lipstick

I recently found this cute baseball cap in the boys' department at Target. I am always looking for a great hat for those days when I need to get ready quickly. It saves me a lot of time to just throw on a hat and head out. Luckily this season hats, especially chic baseball caps, are on trend. There are so many options out there from luxe fabrics like leather and wool, to cool adornments like spikes and jewels. I've shared my picks below: 


  1. Very cute and casual. Love the hat! Happy Monday - stopping by from the BLM page!


  2. Love how casual you made this look yet chic.

  3. Would love to know how Madewell jeans fit in the legs

    1. These are my first pair of Madewell jeans. I heard great things about them after they revamped their denim collection. I went into the store looking for jeans and really liked this pair because of the color and the coated material. I picked up my usual size but the saleswoman said that I would most likely have to go down a size or two from what I normally wear. I was skeptical because a lot of the time Madewell bottoms can run small for me. She assured me that she had to go down a couple sizes and gave me some smaller pairs to take in the dressing room. She was right and I ended up going down two sizes. I will say that these are supposed to fit like leggings. Also after an hour of wearing them they loosened up a lot. The waist I love because it sits higher on the waist. I love high waist jeans because they go so well with cropped or shorter tops. They are also long. I cuffed the legs twice. I'm 5'5'' so I think they will fit taller women.

      Let me know if you need anything else!

  4. Love your cap and heels Marche! I never would have thought of shopping in the Little Boy's department but that was a smart move!

  5. Thanks so much for responding!! I always have an issue with the thigh part of pants and jeans. I have a small waist, but have to get pants to fit my thighs, so that is interesting you said you had to go down sizes. Also, I'm 5'10", so I am always skeptical about the inseam. I will definitely look into them :-)