As many of you know I rarely spend a weekend at my apartment. I always go out of town. This weekend, I started to feel under the weather and with this unseasonably warm weather, my allergies were out of control. I was able to rest which was one of my New Year's resolutions that I haven't actually made any progress on. I listened to my favorite music, started painting some new artwork, gave myself a manicure, ate my favorite ice cream, finally found new running shoes (I'm running a race with my best friend from law school in June) and shopped for a juicer online. I found some healthy juice recipes that sound delicious. All in all, I actually got some rest and I'm proud of myself :)







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    1. Thanks! It's a very, very neon pink! The picture doesn't do it justice :)

  2. We were wondering where you were this weekend. We had chinese buffet. Guess who's coming to Charlotte tomorrow?!?!?